Affordable Storage: Locker Size Units

Somersworth Storage introduces “locker size” storage units.  These units are 5x5x4 and are located indoors in our new state of the art, climate controlled building.

Need a place to keep those Christmas presents out of site?

Would you like to clear up some space in that closet – where you store your decorations – for something more useful?

College students or someone who rents a small apartment might benefit from units such as these.  They are affordable and clear some space for you to make living in a small area more comfortable.

Come down and check out our lockers!  They are very economical and are a perfect fit for seasonal items such as clothes, decorations, presents, etc. We are extremely excited about this addition to our variety of units to make life more convenient for you!

“Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in an average home.” –National Soap and Detergent Assocation