Business Storage – Why Should You Rent?

Storage units are great for personal assets but they are also ideal for business valuables. Here are some reasons to consider self-storage for business:

Preserve paper documents ~

The modern digital world is stressing on getting virtual with our paperwork. But what about those important papers you have to preserve before you went all-digital? Despite the umpteen numbers of files and folders in our office computers, we always have some sensitive and confidential documents on paper – employee files to tax returns to account payables to contract papers. Self storage units are a convenient place to guarantee safe preservation of your vital office papers.

Storage of business inventory ~

Think of a retail stores with limited inventory space and a small showroom. A self-storage unit can become your best asset! Select a facility close to your business, so you or staff can easily access overflow inventory.

For storing office equipments ~

Consider storing office equipment that is not always in use. For example, an upscale hotel might use their classic silver dinnerware sets on elite receptions four times a year. This would be taking up precious space in their “back of the house” storage.

During office shifts ~

Moving office spaces? You will need some time to organize the new office space, make room for equipment, documents and other business valuables. A reliable storage unit would be of great help.

And, lastly – a few tips for business storage:

    • Make sure your storage unit is a climate-controlled facility for best protection of your valuables from temperature and moisture
    • The facility should have 24/7 video surveillance and an individual lock system for every unit
    • And of course, impressive reputation and wide list of happy customers!

Please call us to learn more about storing! Or, stop in and take a tour. We look forward to meeting you!