Climate Control in the Winter

Traditional storage always has been and always will be a great product. It has been created to store business, home, or yard items. Deciding whether to spend the extra money to store your items in a climate controlled unit can be a hard decision.  If you are spending the money to keep your items safe, then spending the extra money to make sure that they stay in good condition should be a no-brainer.

Living in New Hampshire we deal with extreme climate change. It is not abnormal for us to have a week of negative degree weather and the next week be comfortable in the 50’s.  These extreme temperature changes can be very damaging to your stored items. We make sure to keep the climate controlled units never below 50 degrees and never higher than 80 degrees to ensure a consistent environment for your items. This is especially important for wood furniture, antiques, artwork, paperwork or books, fabrics and electronics to name a few.

Our climate control units also have an extra barrier from dust. Now we cannot keep all dust out of the units, but we can try to prevent it as much as possible. Having your unit inside our building will keep from getting the natural pollen and dust that comes with the season changes.

Lastly, being comfortable when you are going through your items can be a deal breaker. Come into the heated building when it is freezing out or, the nicely cooled units during the humid and sweltering heat. Comfort is a big deal when you are dealing with a typically uncomfortable situation having to go through or organize your items in your unit.

Don’t wait! Secure your spot in our new climate control building.