How do I know if I need climate control storage?

A lot of people ask us when it would be appropriate to store in a climate control unit. We always suggest climate control if you are planning on storing any items for a long period of time.  Even if you are storing short-term, there are some items that should always be stored in a climate control unit. Here are some of these items at a glance:

  • Art: Paintings and fine art can shrink or expand in extreme temperatures.  In humid environments mold or mildew can grow and ruin the artwork.
  • Delicate Fabrics: Clothes, antique toys, or upholstered furniture can grow mold or mildew in humid environments.
  • Delicate Paper Items: Books, magazines, comics, and photographs can turn yellow in extreme temperatures.
  • Electronics: Computers, speakers and cameras can corrode and grow mold in humid environments.
  • Metals: Metals react to moisture in a storage environment. Iron will rust, copper turns green, silver turns black and lead will turn into a white powder.
  • Optical Discs: CD’s, DVDs and video games should be stored in cool, dry environments. Vinyl records in high temps can cause warping, and temps too low can cause a record to break in half.
  • Wood Furniture or Instruments: Wood items will contract in colder temperatures and expand in warmer temperatures. Wood items can grow mold and wood rot when in high humidity.