Is Your Garage Too Full For Your Cars?!

Is your garage full? Full of personal items? Do you want to be able to store your vehicles in your garage during this upcoming winter? Renting a self-storage unit gives you additional space to clear, clean, and de-clutter your garage to make room for your vehicles. Storing your vehicles out of the winter elements is a huge benefit of having a garage!

Need more reasons to de-clutter your garage? Here are 10 reasons why YOUR car does better stored in a garage:
1. Safe from theĀ elements- rain, snow, wind
2. Protects from dings and scratches from elements or other vehicles
3. Keeps vehicle from the sun and temperature extremes
4. Protects undercarriage from rust
5. Less likely to have theft or vandalism
6. Lower insurance costs
7. Keeps vehicles exterior looking great
8. Engine stays lubricated
9. Coolant stays warmer, heat/AC comes on faster
10. Visibility is ready to go