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AUTOPAY OPTION, PLEASE READ: By entering card information and saving as AutoPay on this portal, Occupant authorizes Somersworth Storage, LLC (Owner) to charge my credit/debit card on the scheduled due date for my unit each month. If you need to make a payment today, go to “make a payment” tab to process payment. Thereafter, card will run on scheduled due date.

Occupant agrees that they will monitor their own account to ensure that the automatic payment will process on the rent due date. Owner is not responsible for any bank or other fees incurred due to lack of attention to Occupant’s account. Occupant agrees to keep Owner updated with any changes to the card noted above in order to continue this service: 1) expired card; 2) changes to credit card number; 3) change in expiration date; 4) change in card security code; 5) change in billing address. If the card number fails to process for any reason, Owner may charge for processing fees. Late fees will apply as scheduled in accordance with the terms of the lease.

In addition, the failure to pay constitutes a default as stated in the lease and subjects the contents of Occupant’s storage unit to possible foreclosure and sale. This payment option may be terminated by written or email notice at any time by either party prior to the next scheduled rent payment. Occupant releases Somersworth Storage, LLC from any claims, demands, losses or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) for any damages arising from its use of Occupant’s account, except for actions taken outside the permitted terms of this addendum.