Protect Your Items From The Cold

Items That Can Be Damaged by Exposure to Cold

Prolonged exposure to low and/or freezing temperatures can severely damage a variety of belongings commonly stored in a storage unit. Items to be especially cautious with include:

  • Electronics
  • Battery-operated items
  • Items that include liquid

Fluctuating temperatures can create condensation inside electronics, causing irreparable damage. Likewise, anything that has liquid in it already can crack due to expansion from freezing. This is especially true of battery cells, including those for cars, mowers, and other small engines, which can crack when frozen.

How Climate Control Prevents Damage in the Winter

Climate control doesn’t only refer to keeping a storage unit cool during the summer. Climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep the temperature between 55-85°F, so they’re great for preventing temperature-related damage all year. Through the use of insulation and central heating, a climate-controlled unit will protect your belongings in even the harshest of winters.