Sell your home in a snap, how? Staging!

Sell your home in a snap, how? Staging!
When preparing to sell a home, a homeowner’s wish is to sell as quickly as possible – at your asking price! How do you achieve both of those objectives? Staging your home.
Tips For Staging Your Home
If you are serious about staging your home, all clutter must go. Clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets equal more space in the eyes of potential buyers, so purge anything unnecessary or unsightly. This means personal items. Clearing out closets makes them appear large, open and spacious. Stage your dining room table, rearrange furniture to create cozy spaces. For example, stage a reading nook with a comfortable chair. If you need to paint to cover marks/years of wear and tear, choose a light, neutral color. Staging the bathroom is a must as well! Remove toothbrushes and personal items. Leave only tasteful decor items. Make sure your floors and surfaces are CLEAN! This means deep cleaning of baseboards, sinks and furniture. De-clutter outside spaces like garages, patios, decks and sheds. Add some hanging flower baskets for a burst of color. Side yards and underneath spaces (decks) should be cleaned out as well. Use a leaf blower to remove decaying leaves, pine needles and pollen.
Self-storage is the ideal option for short-term storage of personal items during the staging process AND moving process! Rent a self-storage as you put your home on the market, and upgrade your size if needed when your home sells for the remainder of your items (furniture, dishes, patio items, etc). Somersworth Storage LLC has traditional, drive-up units as well as climate controlled units. Are you looking to store a car to open your garage up? We also have outside storage for vehicles. Our self-storage units range from cubby sized to 10×30 – there is a size for every need! So, if you are seeking to sell your home, take the staging process seriously. Come see us at 240 Route 108. We are open M-F 8:30-5, Sat 9-1 and Sun 10-2. We look forward to meeting you!