Summer Craft Projects For Kids!

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57 summer crafts to keep kids busy

Lauren Wolfson
April 2, 2019
57 summer crafts to keep kids busy

Summer is usually a kid’s favorite time of year, but not so for parents and nannies. It can be tricky finding activities to keep your little ones occupied during their time off from school. Other than days by the pool or trips to the beach, what can you do to bring some excitement into the seemingly endless dog days of summer?

The answer: crafts! Here are 57 kid-friendly craft ideas that are inexpensive, easy, great for all age groups and perfect to do indoors or out in the summer sun. (And perfect for handing off to your summer sitter!)

1. Pool noodle horses

Add a little more fun to a day in the pool with these pool noodle horses. Your little ones will love to ride around on their customized ponies.

2. Butterfly beach bucket

This reusable chalkboard beach bucket is a great craft your kids can help make in preparation for a trip to the beach. Inexpensive and surprisingly easy.

3. Firework painting

Get patriotic with exploding firework paintings that are inexpensive and easy-to-make. These paintings will bring the Fourth of July fireworks home when the real ones aren’t accessible.

4. Summer skies Jell-O snack

Replicate the bright blue skies this summer with a few boxes of blue Jell-O and whipped cream. This tasty treat is easy to make and can bring the sunshine without the heat.

5. Egg carton sail boat

Sail away with your kids on this easy-to-make egg carton boat that’s perfect for summer pool days. Great for all ages, with a bit of help for younger kids.

6. Glow-in-the-dark jellyfish

Turn off the lights and watch these jellyfish glow. Bring the ocean home with these amazingly realistic sea creatures that are a blast to make.

7. Craft stick airplane

Channel the Wright Brothers by inventing a craft stick model airplane fit for the skies. Future pilots will love this activity!

8. Flower crown

These flower crowns are easy to make, and perfect for complimenting your kids’ fairy costumes! You could wear these with a costume or even for a fun, spring or summer bohemian look.

9. Rainbow Bright paper lantern

Quick and inexpensive to make, this paper lantern shines summer into your home. Practice fine motor skills with your young ones as they glue each square to create a beautiful paper mosaic.

10. Rainbow sea shells

Gather all of the shells your kids have collected along the beach and turn them into a summer rainbow. This craft is especially great for little hands.

11. Pet rocks

The perfect summer craft for all ages, these pets require nothing more than a rock from the back yard and some paint.

12. Fairy houses

Anyone can make a boring, old birdhouse. Instead, repurpose a wooden birdhouse into a fairy house little ones will love. Grab some spray paint and glue and create this adorable garden masterpiece.

13. Giant sun weaving

Inexpensive and easy to make, this weaved sun is a perfect fit for the summer sunny weather. Create a vibrant sun that will shine year-round.

14. Frog baseball hat

This happy hopping amphibian will protect your kids’ faces from the summer sun, while attracting compliments for days. Perfect craft for nannies and children to do on a rainy day indoors.

15. Tie-dye tote

Kids will love creating their own personalized tote, perfect for beach days or everyday fun. Complex designs work great for older kids and simple options allow younger kids to enjoy, too.

16. Sea shell turtle

These adorable sea shell turtles are a great way to turn your beach findings into a cheerful friend perfect for land or sea.

17. Sunflower marshmallow pops

These sunflowers are so scrumptious they almost look good enough to eat! And your kids will love the surprise that they can snack on this marshmallow pop flower.

18. Garden rock caterpillar

Make this cute garden creature with your own “Very Hungry Caterpillar.” All it takes is a just a few rocks and your favorite colors. A perfect craft for all ages, enjoy the warm weather by creating this summer critter outdoors.

19. Cheerios hanging bird feeder

Take your children’s favorite snack and style the perfect bird feeder for the summer wildlife. These fun feeders will bring all the birds and neighbors to your yard.

20. Rainbow necklace

Teach your preschooler the colors of the rainbow through this fun and easy necklace craft. Make the circles different sizes for an added lesson about shapes.

21. Sun-melted crayon art

Summer’s extreme heat lends a helping hand with this melting craft. Simple and affordable, this crayon art uses every color in the box to make melted masterpieces.

22. Flower prints

Make this easy, kid-friendly flower print craft with the summer blossoms you find outdoors.

23. ‘I’m your biggest fan’ paper fans

Cool your kids off after an active day in the sun with these fun fans. Choose any pattern to customize your fan or print out the templates  anything goes.

24. Cotton ball and yarn rainbow

Grab some glue, a handful of cotton balls and yarn to create a stunning cloud bursting with a beautiful rainbow. Easy to make, this craft is fantastic for kids of all ages.

25. DIY hula hoop

Make your own hula hoop for endless fun in the sun. Takes some time, but these fun hoops are worth the effort.

26. Twisted yarn jewelry

Your boys and girls will love to transform strands of yarn into stylish pieces of jewelry this summer. Get in pairs and twist your way to a summery necklace or bracelet.

27. Crazy feathered parrots

Give your little pirate the task of creating this crazy, colorful feathered parrot this summer. This craft doubles as a color lesson and gives your child a chance to hone fine motor skills.

28. Sandpaper shirts

Print your kids’ designs onto a T-shirt for a personalized piece of clothing you’ll never want to toss. Suggest tropical designs like palm trees and sand for a shirt that will always remind you of summer fun.

29. DIY paper kite

Make your own kite fit for a day of fun in the sun. Spark your kid’s creativity with stencils and stamps to decorate with.

30. Flower prints from soda bottles

This is the perfect indoors craft when you’re in the mood to enjoy your home. Recycle soda bottles for a simple and inexpensive way to paint bright summer flowers.

31. Coffee filter umbrellas

Toddlers and young kids will love creating these colorful mini umbrellas that catch sun rays in your window. Some help required to add the finishing touches to these pretty parasols.

32. Personalized terra cotta pots

Celebrate summer gardening with these unique terra cotta pots. A perfect craft for when you’re entertaining a group of kids.

33. Toucan craft 

Your kids will love this feathery friend and you’ll love how quick and easy it is to make. Grab a few paper plates and bring a tropical toucan to life.

34. Nature collage sun catcher

Catch the bright summer sun with these beautiful nature-inspired sun catchers. Add flowers and leaves from your garden to make this custom collage.

35. DIY kaleidoscope

An inexpensive science lesson, this craft will surprise you with how simple it is to make your own kaleidoscope.

36. Shaving cream marbled rainbows

Enjoy a rainy day inside and grab some shaving cream to create a marbled masterpiece. Young and older kids will love the messy art time.

37. Turtle herb planters

Plant your basil, cilantro and rosemary in a simple DIY turtle planter this summer. Your kids will love creating this tiny critter that serves as a great addition to any garden.

38. Simple beaded snakes

Perfect for little hands, these beaded snakes are an inexpensive indoor craft ideal for a hot summer day.

39. Personalized banners

Make magic with these personalized banners. Each child can make one and hang them across sunny windows for a colorful addition to your home.

40. Butterfly magnets

Great for boys and girls, this colorful kids’ craft is terrific for summer. Create flittering butterflies that you can put all over your refrigerator.

41. Styrofoam cup sea crabs

Beach-themed and easy to make, these cute crabs are a great way for kids to craft in the shade. Paint the cups beforehand to make this activity quick and simple to put together.

42. Swarm of sea creatures

Turn your little artist’s underwater drawings into a school of sea creatures. The perfect craft for all ages and especially great for groups and parties.

43. Homemade sidewalk chalk paint

Forget about sticks of chalk and hand your kids a paintbrush and this homemade chalk paint. Help little ones make this concoction outside to minimize indoor mess.

44. Mod Podged yo-yos

Make this fun yo-yo that’s just right for indoor and outdoor fun. Great for older children, this craft challenges a steady hand and boosts creativity.

45. Paper dream catchers

Calm your kids’ nighttime fears with this easy-to-make dream catcher. Have them personalize the catchers and hang them over their beds for a good night’s sleep.

46. Nutter Butter campers

These tasty little campers are a great, easy craft perfect for kids of all ages. Bring these sweets to your backyard campout for a cute late-night snack.

47. Flower and leaf press

A great craft for all children, this DIY flower and leaf press turns beautiful flowers and leaves into lasting art. Help out with this simple press and watch your children press every flower and plant they can find.

48. Homemade Hawaiian leis

These homemade leis are perfect for a Hawaiian luau this summer. Inexpensive and simple to make, your whole family will love these tropical leis.

49. Embellished sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for summer. Jazz up a pair of inexpensive sunglasses with this easy craft. Use extra supplies you have laying around the house. Help your kids with the hot glue gun when placing any feathers and jewels.

50. Bottle cap bugs

Inexpensive and adorable, this bug craft will keep your busy bees occupied on a hot summer afternoon. A perfect craft for summer nannies when the kids need to cool down inside.

51. Summer shoes

Bedazzle your little one’s water shoes with this fun, creative craft. Have younger kids help with the decorating, but save the hot gluing for adults.

52. Balloons finger painting

Finger painting is always a great indoor activity for kids who love to get a little messy and this balloon craft is great for all ages.

53. Grass heads

Your kids will love to grow their own green grass with these cute homemade grass heads. Patience is required for the grass to grow, but it’s worth the wait.

54. Paper plate shark

Create a menacing shark using this easy and inexpensive craft. Great for kids who know how to safely handle scissors.

55. Sandy handprint keepsake

Hold onto the memories of a fun in the sun day on the beach with this handprint keepsake craft. Your kids will love how easy it is to create a mold of their own hand in the sand.

56. Patriotic handprint

Celebrate the Fourth of July with this handprint craft that you’ll keep for a lifetime. This patriotic handprint is perfect for kids of all age groups.

57. Bubble printing

Combine paint and dish soap and print eye-popping designs everyone will love. Be careful with young children  swallowing soapy water is no fun.

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