Temperature Controlled Vs. Climate Controlled

If you asked a self-storage owner 40 years ago about temperature or climate control, they likely would have looked at you like you had dropped in from the future. First-generation owners/operators had the same model, which typically consisted of metal buildings with roll-up doors. People didn’t necessarily worry about the luxury of heating or air conditioning. 

As self-storage evolved, so did the terms associated with the industry with regards to whether there was any type of heating or cooling associated with the facility. “I think in the past, the term ‘temperature controlled’ was used in many cold weather climates and pertained to whether the facility had heat,” says Norm Shore, vice president of operations for The William Warren Group in Santa Monica, Calif. 

Climate controlled units at 240 Route 108, Somersworth NH 03878

In the modern world, some self-storage operators sometimes use the terms “temperature controlled” and “climate controlled” interchangeably. As the industry has evolved, standardization of the terms hasn’t really been established. “I think when you hear the terms today, it really depends on what part of the country you’re in as to what it may mean,” says Shore. “Some people say ‘temperature controlled’ when there is heating and cooling, and some call it ‘climate controlled,’ especially where there is some type of humidity control.” 

The Self Storage Association also defines climate controlled as also controlling the humidity and adds that only an HVAC system equipped with a dehumidifier can provide true climate control. 

Somersworth Storage LLC offers climate controlled self-storage, with special HVAC equipment to maintain humidity at approximately 55%.

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