Why Rent A U-Haul With Us?

Our facility has a cargo van designated to our property, it can accommodate many uses such as…


  •  Rental car – it is less expensive!
  •  Substitute van when your van needs repairs
  •  Transporting party supplies or wedding supplies to/from venues
  •  Students moving in/out of dorms and apartments
  •  Additional vehicle for family excursions
  •  Moving items on a rainy day
  •  Moving business inventory
  •  Furniture deliveries
  •  Additional contractor van or tool crib
  •  Shopping trips to home goods stores
  •  Delivery van for busy days – such as florists on Valentine’s Day!
  •  Small in-town moves – it is easy to drive, easy to park, fuel efficient
  •  Transporting items to/from a flea market or yard sale
  •  Transporting band equipment, chairs and music stands for a concert
  •  Sporting equipment van for sports teams
  •  Items needing transport in an enclosed space for theft protection
  •  Moving in/out of a storage unit – it holds more than you think!