What is Relative Humidity and why do we control it in our climate control?

What is Relative humidity (RH) and why do we have self-storage to control it?

Air usually contains water vapour, the amount depending primarily on the temperature of the air. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, so as the air temperature falls, the maximum amount of water the air can hold also falls.

The ratio of water vapour in the air to the maximum amount of water vapour the air can hold at a particular temperature is expressed as relative humidity (RH). For example, a RH of 30% means that the air contains 30% of the moisture it can possibly hold at that particular temperature.

When air can hold no more moisture at a given temperature (i.e. the RH is 100%), the air is said to be saturated.

As air temperature increases, its capacity to hold moisture also increases, so if air temperature rises and its moisture content remains the same, the RH decreases.

Humidity affects both thermal comfort and indoor air quality. For example:

  • high RH (very moist air) will make people feel chilled in cold weather and hot and sticky in warm weather
  • low RH (very dry air) can cause dryness and discomfort in the nose and make skin feel dry and itchy.

Somersworth Storage, LLC provides heating and air conditioning to the building and maintains temperature in the building containing the storage unit by heating in the winter to no less than fifty degrees (50°) Fahrenheit and cooling in the summer to no higher than eighty degrees (80°) Fahrenheit. All reasonable efforts shall be used to maintain humidity at approximately fifty-five percent (55%) relative humidity. Controlling the humidity inhibits mold growth and protects sensitive items from deformining, discoloration and other effects from heat or cold.

Some items that do best in climate controlled storage include:

  • Wine
  • Electronics
  • Fabrics
  • Wood furniture
  • Photos
  • Papers
  • Artwork

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