What Should I Store In Climate Control?

Did you know?

Some of the most common items to be stored at a traditional storage facility should be kept in a climate controlled environment?  We have listed some of the most common items people store that should actually be stored in a climate control unit, especially if storing for long periods of time:

  • Wood Furniture & Instruments: Wood items, such as furniture and woodwind instruments do not do well in fluctuating temperatures. These items contract and expand during temperature changes.  Temperatures between 55-85 degrees are ideal for storing wood items.  Controlling humidity levels is also important for these types of items to prevent the growth of mold and wood rot.

TIP: Clean and Polish with oil before storage to prevent splitting.

  • Electronics: Electronics, such as computers, speakers and cameras can corrode and mold in humid environments. These should be stored at temperatures between 50-80 degrees.

TIP: Throw a few silica gel packets in boxes with electronic items and store high off the ground.

  • Delicate paper Items: Books, magazines, comics, and photographs can turn yellow in extreme temperatures. The ideal temperature for storing paper items is between 35-75 degrees. Keep paper items away from light exposure to prevent fading.

TIP: Store books or paper items in cardboard boxes rather than plastic bins to keep moisture out.

Somersworth Storage has recognized these needs to provide the ultimate storing experience for our customers  and has reacted by building our new, state of the art climate control building.  This building has three floors of brand new units!  Come down and take a tour of our new facility!  We have professionally trained staff on site 7 days a week.