WOW – It’s Humid!

This high humidity weather has us thinking about our self-storage offerings at Somersworth Storage. Our climate-controlled storage maintains a temperature in the building containing the storage unit by heating in the winter to no less than fifty degrees (50°) Fahrenheit and cooling in the summer to no higher than eighty degrees (80°) Fahrenheit. In general, climate-controlled storage is beneficial for storing valuable or environmentally-sensitive items.

Our climate-controlled storage units are located inside a building and access to units are via hallways. With stable temperatures and a humidity level at 55%, your valuables will be better protected from damage in long-term storage. Go to to learn more about what items you own may be sensitive to high humidity!

And, remember this general rule of thumb: If you don’t want your belongings to endure temperatures in degrees over 90 or below 32, put them in climate-controlled storage.